Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are fabric window coverings that roll away neatly onto a roll along the top when open and roll down as a flat panel over your window when closed. They are controlled by a chain on one side and the fabric is weighted with a rail along the bottom.

2. What are venetian blinds?

Wooden venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are window coverings made up of horizontal slats, generally made from wood, aluminium or a composite plastic. Using controls on one side, the slats can be tilted to achieve the desired level of privacy and light filtering and the blinds can be pulled completely open so that the slats sit together along the top.

3. Which window covering is best for daytime?

For daytime privacy and summer sun filtering, sunscreen roller blinds and venetian blinds are both excellent choices.

The technical, coated fabric used in sunscreen roller blinds allows filtered light through so that people on the outside cannot see in while you can still see out. Dark colours allow a better view out than light colours so, if you wish to maintain a nice view, we recommend our charcoal or coffee brown colour options.

Venetian blinds don't offer complete privacy but, when tilted, the slats are a very effective visual barrier as well as an adjustable sun filter.

4. What should I use for nighttime?

Blockout roller blinds and venetian blinds both offer light blockout and nighttime privacy so are perfect for living areas and bedrooms at night.

Blockout roller blinds are made from an advanced coated blockout fabric, which will completely block light right to its edge. Mount snugly on the outside of your window frame to reduce light seepage around the edges of the blind.

Venetian blinds can be tilted closed so that the slats allow only very minimal light through and completely block the view into your home.

5. What is on trend right now?

Wooden venetian blinds remain an interior style classic that is being used in a wide variety of homes, from villas and bungalows to brand new builds. White is the colour du jour as it fits well with classical interiors as well as the modern Scandinavian look that continues to dominate the magazines.

Roller blinds, both sunscreen and blockout, in grey and black hues are the contemporary home's choice for a sleek, minimalist look. They are dominating new homes where double glazing is reducing the need for thick thermal window coverings.

6. Can I use your blinds in wet areas?

The coated fabrics used on our sunscreen and blockout roller blinds are suitable for use in semi wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Our wooden venetian blinds are not recommended for use in high moisture areas. If you wish to continue the same look of wooden venetian blinds throughout your home, we recommend Tuscany Composite Venetian Blinds from Harvey Furnishings.

7. Should I mount inside or outside my window frame?

To be able to mount your blinds inside your window frame you need to have a recess of 65mm for roller blinds or 70mm for venetian blinds. If your window recess is less than this you need to mount your blinds outside the frame.

Where it is an option, mounting inside the frame has the advantage of a more minimalist look and the ability to place furniture right next to the window without impeding the use of the blinds. However, it does allow light to get in around the edges of the blinds so, if light blockout is important to you, an outside mount is recommended.

8. How do I measure my window?

The way you measure for your blinds depends on what kind of blinds you are buying and whether you plan on mounting them inside or outside the window frame so you will need to decide on those things first.

See our instructions on measuring for roller blinds or on measuring for venetian blinds.

9. Should I choose a front or back roll for my roller blinds?

This is largely up to your preference. A back roll fits more closely to your window so will allow less light around the edges and better insulation. However, it will also sit closer to any latches than a front roll blind would, so it may catch on them if it is mounted inside the window frame.

10. Which side should I have my chain/cord on?

You'll want to take into account accessibility, convenience and the overall look.

Choose a side that has a clear path to it and is the most commonly accessed side of the blind. The blind will look best if the chain or cord is clear of close furniture etc so that it hangs freely without rubbing against anything.

11. How do I choose colours for my roller blind chain, control and rail?

This is really up to your sense of style but we do have a few pointers:

  • Try matching all three components to your roller blind fabric to help all the elements of your blind blend together
  • Try matching your chain and control to the window frame to help these more functional components blend with their surroundings. Then you could:
    • Choose a rail colour that contrasts with your fabric to make it a stylish feature of your blind or
    • Choose a rail colour that matches your fabric to help it blend in
  • Try choosing a preferred colour and matching all three components with one another for a coordinated look.

12. Why should I get a roller blind child lock?

roller blind chain child lock

A child lock is used to secure the chain taught against the window frame or wall, preventing it from being blown around in the wind or being played with by children. We recommend it for all homes; especially for homes where children may be present. Hanging looped chains are a known strangulation hazard for children and the child lock removes this risk.

13. How long will it take for my blinds to get made?

We will have your blinds made in 15 working days (approx three weeks). When your blinds are made we will email to let you know they are on their way and give you a courier tracking number.

14. What happens if the blinds aren't right?

All our blinds come with a two year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. If there is any problem with the quality of your blinds, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange a refund or replacement as appropriate.

Because our blinds are all custom made to order, we are unable to accept returns based on a change of mind or incorrect measurements. We strongly urge you to order free colour samples before selecting your blind colour. Read our advice on measuring for venetian blinds or measuring for roller blinds and check your measurements carefully, noting each measurement as you go.