Double Roller Blinds

Sunscreen and Blockout Double Roller Blinds

Sunscreen blinds keep harmful UV rays out of your home while providing natural light. The custom sun-filtering fabric reduces heat in the summer and keeps your house cool. These are combined with blockout blinds, which keep light out of the room and promote privacy and darkness at night.

Sunscreen and Thermal Blockout Double Roller Blinds

Thermal blinds keep the room warm and comfortable using special heat-absorbing fabric. These are combined with sunscreen blinds which block UV rays and keep the room cool.

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For the perfect balance of style and functionality, choose double roller blinds. Low cost delivery nationwide.

Ideal for providing privacy in your home, Thermal and sunscreen double roller blinds give a custom finish to complement your windows. These low-maintenance blinds are a cheap alternative to other window furnishings, perfect for people on a budget.

Thermal blinds (blockout blinds) deliver year-round insulation, protecting from the heat and the cold. Sunscreen blinds offer protection from the heat and UV rays while still letting light in. Motorised blinds and Motorised double roller blinds are also available, giving you the contemporary convenience of hands-free electric blinds. Alternatively, single roller blinds are available. You can also choose between venetian blinds and roman blinds to find the perfect look for your home. 

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