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How to clean blinds

The most effective way to clean blinds is to use a duster or a damp cloth. For venetain blinds, turn slats horizontally and run the cloth or duster between each blade to ensure the dust is picked up from each blade.For roman blinds and roller blinds, lightly wipe each side of the fabric. If you are using a damp cloth, be sure to leave the blinds unrolled/in bottom position until they are fully dry.

How to remove roller blinds

  1. Use the chain controls to pull the blind all the way up. This makes removal more straightforward and makes the blind easier to store once uninstalled.
  2. Remove the small screw from the safety clip. This is located at the bottom of the chain pulley and holds the chain that controls the blind’s position.
  3. Locate the retactable clamp which is located at the opposite side of the motor or chain end of the roller blind. Simply rotate the teeth in a circular motion to retract the pin and lift the roller blind up and away from the bracket.

How to install roller blinds

Please see our installation guides for roller blinds

How to install roman blinds

Please see our installation guides for roman blinds

How to measure blinds

Please visit our page how to measure blinds.

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