60mm PVC Venetian Blinds

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Looking for an attractive and functional way to add Venetian blinds to your home, kitchen, bedroom, or office? Look no further than our Woodefex Venetian Blinds.

Our blinds are available in a variety of colours with a style to match any living or working space. Choose between 50mm 0r 60mm slats for additional customisability.

Woodefex range of Venetian blinds is designed using durable polymer material, offering the look of genuine timber slats at a more economical, budget-friendly price. The blinds are also highly resistant to moisture and humidity, providing better durability and longevity than their wooden counterparts.

Made locally in New Zealand and delivered straight to your door

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Available colours

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Measuring & installing

Slatblinds inside

How to measure

Venetian Blinds – Outside Fit

Slatblinds outside

How to measure

Venetian Blinds – Inside Fit

True wood inside

How to Install

Venetian Blinds – Inside Fit

True wood outside

How to Install

Venetian Blinds – Outside Fit

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